10 September 2018

enough is

Not poised enough
Not polished enough
Not posting enough
Not smallish enough

Not smart enough
Not witty enough
Not woke enough
Not pretty enough

Not thin enough
Not stacked enough
Not Island enough
Not black enough

Not patient enough
Not kind enough
Not righteous enough
Not refined enough

Not silent enough
Not psyched enough
Not social enough
Not liked enough

Not seasoned enough
Not paid enough
Not compelling enough
Not portrayed enough

Not swank enough
Not thanked enough
Not fall-in-rank enough
Not fill-in-the-blank enough

Not soft enough
Not tough enough
Not enough enough


16 September 2017

07 April 2017


You read it here first (or likely didn't, smile). Well, now's your chance. 

This week -- while we were away on Spring Break, appropriately enough -- I was pretty fired up to learn that a post I wrote a while back was posted on a blog that's not this one. Yay! 

Please check it out. Comment, share it, like it, or just read and enjoy! 

Exert. Rest. Repeat.

01 February 2017


So, a funny thing happened on my run—

In the dark of early morning, I got dressed like I always do: leggings, sports bra, shirt, visor, iPod, socks, shoes, beanie— to be clear, it was my brand new, gray beanie, which I absolutely love. Loved.

Just over a mile in, a big bully snuck up behind me and stunned me. Heart pounding, I screamed (yelped) into the cold morning in fear and disbelief. Out of nowhere, he/she/it grabbed hold of me and wouldn’t let go. No joke.

I looked ahead, behind, around and down, trying to make sense of what was happening. And then I looked up. 

I didn’t see the big, scary middle school bully I imagined, but rather— an owl.

I. Kid. You. Not. An owl buzzed me, stole the hat right off my head and flew away. 

This is my life. 

2016 reads

Last year I enjoyed a handful of good books. And although I had a clear favorite, none of the books I read in 2016 captivated me, compelled me or broke my heart open in the way real life did. It was a good year. 

The books I read in 2016

1. Unbecoming | Rachel Scherm
2. Ordinary Grace | William Kent Kreger
3. Between You and Me | Mary Norris
4. Harry Potter ad the Order of the Phoenix | JK Rowling
5. After You | Jojo Moyes
6. Little Vicories | Jason Gay
7. Hausfrau | Jill Alexander Essenbam
8. Spark | John Ratey
9. First Comes Love | Emily Giffin
10. Wonder | RJ Palacio
11. Eleanor and Park | Rainbow Rowell
12. Year of Yes | Shonda Rhimes
13. Silent Compassion | Richard Rohr
14. Love Warrior | Glennon Doyle Melton

My favorite book of the year was...

So good.