22 September 2007

precious three

Let me show you something...

Yep, you guessed it! Those are mine.

I know what you're thinking, and yes,
I know. It's only because I love you that you get to see what I saw this morning when I stopped long enough in the whirlwind of my week and finally looked down. I actually had flip flops on... (Yes, I KNOW).

This is the answer to that question I keep hearing lately: "Where have you

I've been busy - acclimating to my new reality. Relearning life in some ways. I'm trying to remain calm, grounded, balanced and present in midst of the currents pulling and pushing me in many new directions. Some days I float; others, I may very well drown. But on most days, my head is above water, and I'm treading: Immersing. Purging. Prioritizing. Reprioritizing. Reading, writing, rereading, rewriting and then reading and writing some more. I've put on some new hats. I've parted with others. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with a few.

Especially telling is the fact that I haven't found (or made) the three spare minutes it takes to remove my old toenail polish. Instead, I've devoted those precious minutes elsewhere. I feel like I've been doing a lot of that lately. It's been good. It's been necessary, but good Lord, LOOK AT MY TOES!!!!

Somehow a month went by, and then finally, by the grace and mercy of God, I paused long enough to
SEE. I soaked it in. I listened and heard the faint cries...

HHHHEEELLLLPPPP... Someone... ANYONE. Groom us. Trim us. Polish us... Slow down for three minutes... PLEEEEASE... SAVE US!

"I think I need to blog about this," I whispered back.

So tonight, here I am... writing. Not a paper. Not a lesson plan. Not a case study. Not a check. Not a response to an email (I'm still working on that), not your late birthday card (yeah, eventually, I'll get to that too)... just a post on my blog about my toenails.

My three minutes (and then some) are gone; they were three minutes well spent. Perhaps I'll go take off my polish now.