04 November 2008

a sticker

I read my blue book in its entirety. From cover to cover. This was a first.

Late Sunday night - after months of considering... vascillating - after days of researching, hours of reading and too many years and elections of taking this thing for granted, I finished my ballot. I've been wearing my sticker ever since. I kid you not, I even put double-sided tape on the back this morning because it lost its stick!

For the first time, I owned the responsibility of my sticker. I remembered the countless lives that have granted me access to this sticker, and I took the duty of earning this sticker seriously. For the first time in my life, I appreciated the privilege of wearing my sticker.

In some ways, the anticipation of this day felt a little like that of my wedding day. I woke up shortly after four this morning with my heart skipping a bit faster and my head held high. Although, I knew I would spend most of the day at home, I felt compelled to dress up for the occasion. I even put on a little makeup (and my sticker).

I've been expectant. Nervous. Humbled. And SO HOPEFUL.

Tonight, my eyes are stinging, red and swollen, my heart continues to dance in my chest and I'm still in shock about what I witnessed. About what I was a part of. After what I heard and saw and felt, I am speechless. And my sticker sticks on.

In MY lifetime... I still can't believe it.

This is one of the biggest, most important days I have lived. This is a monumental moment for our country and the world - for so many reasons, for so many people and persons. But mostly tonight, I'm thinking about my children. I can't stop thinking about my son (and yours). I am moved. I am overwhelmed... I am blogging.

How the world (and Blogger) has changed! How I have changed.

This is a moment I needed to lift me out of a fog and to pull me awake from my slumber.
To care. To hope. To act. To dream. To proudly don a sticker and to blog once again.

It's good to be alive. It's good to be back.