06 October 2012


I haven't seen or talked to my friend -- my dear friend -- in months. 

Our friendship is kind of like this blog, I suppose. Sometimes we're in the flow: checking in constantly and riding the same wavelength. And other times, shit happens: movement, transitions. Life gets busy and full and before you know it, seven months have passed by without a word. Sometimes there's either too much or not much to say.

The thing I love about this blog (friendship too) is that even when a ton of time has passed and lots of life has been lived, it makes no difference. I can pick up where I left off, and there is little obligation to explain or give background or context. I don't have to be made up and I don't have hold it together when I show up. I needn't check grammar or spelling or use punctuation. When I show my face again, I needn't wear mascara or lipstick; I can come to the table in sweats and I can be myself. I can just start from right here, right now, and it's enough. 

Around this time of night exactly five months ago, my friend and I sat silently on a shuttle home. We were tired, spent and moved. What in the world do you say after spending eight days in paradise? We haven't said much. 

Tonight, I finally downloaded pictures from our trip to Kauai last spring off my little camera, and I'm thinking about my friend and my blogs and my thighs and this year and I am astounded by this life and this love and this ass. I miss my friend and those tropical fruity beverages. I am grateful for our extraordinary trip. I am happy to be blogging, and I'm overjoyed that the slate on both cameras is clean. 

I'm unsure when or where or how we will pick back up again. For now, it's enough.  

02 February 2012


thursday: groundhog's day. 

 i strolled and saw ribbons of blue sky, all manner of beautiful.

i witnessed lights and darks and gradations between. 

color, line.  

letter, texture.

i counted runners with envy. i didn't think to bring my kicks.

i passed mommas with slings, nanas with strollers, and i thought of my niece.
i breathed fresh air.  my nose was clear and cold.

 today smelled alive. 

 soy sauce. salmon. a day of delicious. 

01 February 2012


I found this at the Antique Mall last week, and I am glad about it -- really glad about it because I love it. And I love it because...

1. Every time I look at it (which is often), it makes me smile. 
2. It reminds me of my dad (I remember when he brought the same one home when I was a kid. I think he still has it).
3. When Cole asked if Africa is bigger than Whidbey Island, I could show him.
4. It reminded Maya of my dad, too. 
5. It compliments the colors in my cove -- like it's been here all along.
6. It reminds me of where I've been, where I am and where I'm going.
7. I've wanted a globe for twenty-plus years, but never indulged.
8. I didn't have to splurge.
9. After an hour of flying Lego-guys around it, Cole asked if he could have "one of those ball things" too. 
10. I found it on a short, spontaneous and sweet date with myself.
11. I wasn't even going to go on my date, but I decided otherwise.
12. Nearly a week later, I'm up late thinking (and blogging) about it.
13. If it wasn't already after midnight (1 a.m.?!? Oh my), I am certain I could come up with at least 13 more reasons I love it.
14. Well, because I just do. I love it, and I am SO glad about it. 

24 January 2012

on living

"To know what you prefer instead of humbly saying Amen 
to what the world tells you you ought to prefer, 
is to have kept your soul alive."

~Robert Louis Stevenson