10 April 2011

the flu, concluded.

For twenty days, I moaned, ached and I laid around
I hardly stood to put my feet on the ground.

I just read and I ate and I ate and I read,
and I painted, crocheted, ate, then got back in bed.

The rain started, then stopped, then it started again
And I slept and slept more, and I grew another chin.

But the rain and the aches stopped and then I arose,
Our tin anniversary was a welcome repose.

Spring Break, a conference and spots of sunshine,
Up days and down days, thank God for red wine.

Now the babes and my mate are all nestled in bed
And I'm here in the dark with the thoughts in my head.

Tonight marks an end and then Tomorrow begins,
So I'll head back to bed sans the flu with my chins.