20 April 2006

to run the race

I decided about a week ago, when I discovered that there are 60+ miles of trails in Westminster, that I am finally ready to run another marathon. The first was six years ago in and out of San Diego. I have wanted to run another race ever since.

I just got back from my first run.

Although I know that God speaks to me daily, there have been four occasions in my life during which God has PROFOUNDLY ministered, sustained, strengthened and spoken to me about Himself and about myself - my wedding day, the day Maya was born, the day Cole was born, and the day I ran a marathon (and throughout the training that led up to it).

My knees already hurt.

I am in such a different place and space than my first marathon experience. I have six more years of life behind me. I'm carrying 15 extra pounds, I've married, birthed two children, left two jobs and relocated. Undoubtedly this experience will be far different from my first. I'm expectant. I'm excited.

God, speak to me. Use this time. Minister to me. Strengthen me.

I think the hardest day of training is already behind me.


Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration and I love you, sister!!!

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