09 October 2006


I'm still not sure how exactly we ended up together. I am certain, however, that this is a product - a blessing - of divine appointment.

This is my small group - Kristi, Niki, Paula, Wendy and me.
Here, I sit beside four of the most vibrant, encouraging and utterly captivating women I know.
Though we don't share a long history of common experience, we have already walked in freedom, struggle and vulnerability together. We are diverse in background, experience, passion, purpose, strength and weakness... yet, we are uniquely and profoundly connected. I am sharpened, inspired, challenged, empowered and intrigued by each of these women.
EVERY time we are together, I feel safe - I am home.
I am honored to call them sisters and friends.

This weekend we and our families shared an afternoon together. Five women, Five men and FOURTEEN of our sixteen children (ages 1 to 15) were present. Our time together was rich - filled with life, love, stories, laughter, tears and utter chaos... It was a blast.

Sarah and Hannah



Holly and Stephen


Paula and Jerry

Wendy and Alex


Kristi and Niki




Maya and me

I love these women. I adore their families. I treasure our time together.


An Useless said...

bellini si tra tutti!!!

Niki said...

Oh I love ALL of these pictures! People will be wondering about the last one! ;) Our first inside joke! hahaha

You all make me a better woman!

Jackie R. said...

I love it! See, this is exactly why I am such a strong proponent of small groups. We can talk community and of course it can be found outside of small groups - but there is something to be said for very intentional gathering for the purpose of community, growth, support etc. You guys are cute!

Paula said...

Oh wow! How awesome this is. My heart is just as full as yours. The picture you emailed is printed and hanging by my computer. Hey--would you send me the other pictures, too?

What beautiful words you wrote. Thank you.

Leah said...

i want a small group!
i love the last picture of ya'll
so sweet!!