21 November 2006

officially unofficial

I completed AND PASSED my academic requirement to teach childbirth education classes... YAHOO!!! That means I'm officially a not-quite-official Bradley instructor! Next Monday, I will teach my first provisional class, and the following weekend, I will begin my birth doula certfication. I haven't written about this yet, because I don't really know where to begin on this topic. There is SO much inside just waiting to be shared. Far too much to unpack right now.

It's after one.

WHY am I awake right now??? In less than five hours, Maya's face will meet mine - hers, vertical. Mine, horizontal. "Momma, what are you doing?" she'll inquire. "I'm sleeping," I'll yawn my response, then struggle to get out of bed, wondering once again... WHY WAS I AWAKE AND BLOGGING AT ONE A.M.???"

I digress.

Although I have collected bits and pieces of this puzzle for over ten years, it is just in the last few months that I've begun to put them together. His promises have met my desire in a most breathtaking dance. The emerging picture is so beautiful. So exciting. So overwhelming. So perfect.

Eden's Birth.

There is much to tell. There is even more to learn and still much work to be done.

Yet only 4 1/2 hours remain until the morning staredown... I'm going to bed.


Leah said...

abi i am so excited for you! i can't think of a more appropriate thing for you to be doing.
i may get pregnant just so you can me my doula.

congrats my friend i love you!

Folayo said...

Yeah to babies and booming business!!!

BTW...Sorry, but I have NO plans of helping out your business. Mazaltov!