30 May 2007

bolder loner

So, I did it. Yep, I ran my second Bolder Boulder solo (well, there were 49,999 other folks there too)... and I had a blast.

Monday was a BEAUTIFUL day. The sun was shining, Boulder was buzzing, people were EVERYWHERE and in great spirits, and my family was there at the finish line to cheer me on. It was just FUN! I felt like this was the first race (hee hee, it sounds funny to say that I "raced"). Scratch that. This was the first running event in which I have participated that I thoroughly and completely ENJOYED. I took it all in, I looked around, I said the "hi, hellos" and "how are yous," and had a genuinely good time in the process.

There was no pressure, there was no training, there were no hard feelings when I stopped 5 minutes into the race (running event) to go to the bathroom, and although I don't have the official results yet, I think I even shaved about 5 minutes off of my time from last year!

The Bolder Boulder is GREAT. If you live in Colorado and you've never done it, you must. Heck, I'll do it with you. And if you choose not to, that's cool too - come cheer somebody (me) on!

As for me - partner or no parther - as long as I live here and have one good leg, I'm running this race (yes, RACE!!)

(John Yates, you are not off the hook! I'll meet you in Boulder next Memorial Day!)


Katy said...

Don't worry...he's totally on board! :) We were actually in town yesterday for our final walk through (yes, I said FINAL) and saw the paper with pictures of the race. I asked John, is this the one you are running with Abi next year? And he cheerily said, "yes!"

Congrats, my friend, on a race well run.

John Yates said...

Bigger and Boulder, we're on for next year...364 days and 10 kilometers to go! Just glad I didn't get recruited for the Denver Marathon. I am excited though, I love new running shoes!
I was so excited to see on the front page of the paper that the Africans had conquered the Bolder Boulder, I was like, "GO ABIMBOLA!!!"

Jackie R. said...

Congrats Abi! Good for you - that's awesome. I love the picture of you & the fam too!

Abi said...

Results are in... Just over 3 minutes (not 5) off my last finish time. Faster (and MUCH more fun), nonetheless.

Folayo said...

You almost make running look like fun...almost.