12 November 2007

celebrating thirty-one

Yup. This is me... in the flesh.
In pink. (who knew?!?)

I turned 31 today.

This birthday was like no other birthday I've ever celebrated. No cake. No ice cream. No fuss. It was SUCH a normal day, complete with laundry, groceries and dishes. Today was extraordinary in its normality. I had a GREAT birthday. I delighted in the simple pleasures of my life today... a good workout... an extra long shower... washed hair and shaved legs... a well-stocked fridge... gas in my car... a midday nap... phone calls, emails and messages from a bunch of people I love (thank you)... sushi... a fun night with my family...

...AND beautifully wrapped gifts?!?!?
(new running gear AND a pedicure... yippee!!)

God has been good to me. I've lived thirty-one rich years.
I am totally, completely, thoroughly and abundantly blessed.

My family has retired for the night.
I've still got lunches to pack and a kitchen to clean.
Instead, I'm blogging.

And for the next 48 minutes (at least), I'll be celebrating.


Roxanne said...


I'm so glad you enjoyed your special day. Sometimes the simple things are so much better than all the fanfare. You look so great btw and so nice in pink.

Looking forward to our girl's night!

Roxanne said...

...wow I sure over used the word 'so' in that comment...that's so totally annoying :)

Folayo said...

Happy Happy, sister.

Leah said...

Happy Birthday!
You look so very cute and so do your toes :)

Linds said...

Happy Birthday! You inspire me in taking such joy in the simple things. Wish I were closer. Have a fantastic week! You and your toes look awesome!

Jackie R. said...

Happy belated birthday Abi! You deserve to be celebrated!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Abi! You look pretty in pink, and your toes are glam looking now.