17 March 2009


Every once in a while, you hike up your knickers and take a leap.

You dive in, you hit a high note, you step into the unknown, and it resonates. It just feels right. With little but your heart to fall back on, you make another move, and somewhere down deep... a song. Just to be sure you take another step. Harmony. You strike a chord.

The sweetest song. I love that. Thank you.

This morning I had a revelation: I love socks. I've never really given them much thought before. But today, I do declare, I love socks.

After 10 years in California, they eventually eluded me. There was that year and a half after I got married that I literally didn't wear shoes - just flip flops. Not sure why, I just didn't. But as I've moved on and grown up, slowly, surely, socks have made their way back into my life. This morning, I stepped into one of my favorite pairs, and I swear I heard wind chimes and birds.

Socks are awesome. They are all snuggly and cozy and soft and warm. They cradle and keep my weathered feet. You've seen the best and the worst of my feet. Regardless of their state or my own, they hold me and hug me and love me and make me smile.

I love them.

And I love springtime and sunshine and sisters and sushi and soup... and all manner of things that happen to start with S.

There go those birds again.

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