01 February 2012


I found this at the Antique Mall last week, and I am glad about it -- really glad about it because I love it. And I love it because...

1. Every time I look at it (which is often), it makes me smile. 
2. It reminds me of my dad (I remember when he brought the same one home when I was a kid. I think he still has it).
3. When Cole asked if Africa is bigger than Whidbey Island, I could show him.
4. It reminded Maya of my dad, too. 
5. It compliments the colors in my cove -- like it's been here all along.
6. It reminds me of where I've been, where I am and where I'm going.
7. I've wanted a globe for twenty-plus years, but never indulged.
8. I didn't have to splurge.
9. After an hour of flying Lego-guys around it, Cole asked if he could have "one of those ball things" too. 
10. I found it on a short, spontaneous and sweet date with myself.
11. I wasn't even going to go on my date, but I decided otherwise.
12. Nearly a week later, I'm up late thinking (and blogging) about it.
13. If it wasn't already after midnight (1 a.m.?!? Oh my), I am certain I could come up with at least 13 more reasons I love it.
14. Well, because I just do. I love it, and I am SO glad about it. 

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