28 August 2013

free at last (!!!!)

Tonight -- on this monumental new day, 50 years after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. shared his dream, 150 years post-Emancipation Proclamation and 15 years after I signed a promissory note commiting to repay over $36,000 in undergraduate student loans + interest -- I had the distinct honor... no, pleasure... no PRIVILEGE to submit a $154.41 payment to Aunt Sallie Mae. 

Do you know what this means?!?! 

It means (picture a smile on my face), Loan Balance: $0 

Because it feels SO good to write it, to see it, to hear it, to taste it, to feel it, to consider and to digest it, I think that bears repeating.  

LOAN... BALANCE... ZEROOooooooooohhhhh, oh, oh, oh my goodness!!

thank you...

thank you...

so long... and thank you!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Congrats Abi on this "milestone"
Yes you are free, free indeed.
I am happy for you.
Now are you ready to incur the debt for another degree?