31 May 2006


Monday morning, marked a milestone on my road to 26.2. I ran in the Bolder Boulder (along with 46,000 fellow Coloradans), a 10K race that concludes with the elation of friends and family in the CU Boulder football stadium. It was a good time. I expected to feel stressed, nervous... tired. Surprisingly it was exhilirating, thrilling and just FUN. What a trip to be one in the midst of thousands!

To my surprise, I didn't win the race. As a matter of fact, my finish time was more than double that of the winner! Nevertheless, it was a success. I ran on pace and finished within a minute of my goal (even with a potty break at mile 4). That feels good.

"I'm really proud of you, Love," Paul said with a hug and a kiss.

"Momma, you did a good job down dare," Maya affirmed me and crawled up into my lap.

"Now, I'm inspired," our friend Donna said after she watched me and many others cross the finish line.

Even Cole beamed
and soaked my face with a kiss when I snuggled him after the race. How could I not leave the stadium with my head held high?

Still, the road ahead is daunting. A 10K is a far cry from a marathon, especially considering that I had to go to the bathroom after 1K this time around!

In all sincerity, I left this experience feeling accomplished, empowered... bolder.

Just 20 miles to go.


Leah said...

i love reading your blog. you are such a great writer!
congrats on the bolder boulder :) u rule!

Abi said...

You are sweet, Leah. Thanks! I love you. ~at

Anonymous said...

That's so crazy...I ran .62 miles this weekend. It's scary how alike we are sometimes ;)

Anonymous said...

Elliot, Victory, Brittany, (Vic's nanny) another friend, and I ran a 10K mud run at Camp Pendleton 2 weeks ago. We had such a great time and plan to do it again next year. No plans to go further. Just plans to play in the mud again. robyn

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