09 September 2006


This is my brother. He is one of the finest men I know. Thursday, he turned 27.

For two weeks I made mental notes - "Tolu's birthday is coming up... Abi, you have to remember to send a card to Tolu... Today is the day, make sure to call ..."
Yet September 7th came and went. No card. No call. Like an absolute heathen, I failed to even acknowledge the day - sadly, for the second year in a row (I know, I know).

There is no good excuse, really. Plain and simply,
I dropped the ball.

I'd like to make amends. Please join me in celebrating my baby brother. To Tolu... cheers!
I dedicate this post to you. Happy, happy birthday!!


Leah said...

wow handsome pic!
happy bday lil brother tolu :)

abi... would it make it worse to mention that you never miss my bday and we aren't related??? (at least by blood...)

i love you abster

serena said...

God, you LOVE Tolu! Thank you for the blessing that he is to so many people. Show him the ways that he can bless others this week. May he feel like he's in the "right place at the right time" -- whatever that looks like to You. Amen

Folayo said...

Have you told Tolu that you put his picture on-line? hehehehehe...anyway, there's always next year.

Folayo said...

I spoke to your "brother," and he said "You are dead to him."

Paula said...

Your brother is so handsome!

Happy bday Tolu!

Anonymous said...