19 February 2007

blog slacker

What is my DEAL? It's been weeks. No words, just thoughts. I have SO much to say. I am full... overflowing, yet totally and completely overwhelmed and devoid of the right words. Maybe I should take my own advice. Just start, right? Indeed.

Not today (sigh).


Anonymous said...

You can do it Abi!!
After all, you do have a cult following for your blogabilities. Don't leave us hangin!

Leah said...

i won't give up hope!
i still check your blog everyday.
luv you ab

Jackie R. said...

I check too! :)

katyluv said...

i admit, i check it everyday too.

no pressure...i just love knowing what you are up to!

Folayo said...

ok, I am officially jumping on the bandwagon... I check everyday too...WHERE ARE YOU?

Abi said...

You guys are the best. As Natasha B articulated so perfectly, "I love you, I love you, I love you..."