09 April 2007

man's chief end

I read something early this morning that I've been pondering ever since. It said:
"Man's chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever."

This is a pretty bold and profound statement. There is absolutely no room for gray with a decree like this one; it either is or it isn't. So, I've been asking myself all day, "Is MY chief end to glorify God and to enjoy him forever?"

Is it?

Because if it is, there would be evidence, right?
My thoughts, my words, my time, my actions, my relationships, my energy... my life would proclaim, "YES, indeed this is true."

I've been searching and digging and wrestling to determine my answer today. I've been trying to see beyond that which I want my answer to be to that which it truly is. In all honesty and sincerity, are there facts and irrefutable evidence in my life that supports the truth of this statement? Can I whole-heartedly testify and demonstrate that my purpose is to live for the glory of God? Is it true that my significance - my hope, my end - is found in knowing and loving and serving almighty God? Do I really - in the core of my being - believe this?

Do I? Do you?

The implications of resolutely standing on these words are enormous.


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