09 April 2007

run with me

OK there's one more thing... this afternoon I received a t-shirt, bib number and registration for my second Bolder Boulder. 49 days to go.

I LOVE this Colorado tradition, and I'm definitely looking forward to doing again. The catch is this: I don't want to do it alone. When I asked my husband to join me this year, he pretty much laughed in my face. Since then, I've thrown the idea out to a handful of friends and gotten many "I'll-think-about-it" types of responses (translation, "Uh, no thanks!"). So, I have shamelessly resorted to putting the request out in cyberspace.

I'm looking for an interesting person with whom to run (jog) the Bolder Boulder 10K on Memorial Day (Happy Birthday, Auntie Fo-fo) and potentially the Denver 1/2 Marathon in October. Friendship isn't even a prerequisite here (although, playing that one out in my head is a little creepy). Scratch that. Friends (past, present or future), friends of friends,
colleagues, associates, acquaintances... all (most) are welcome to apply!



Folayo said...

I'll do it!

Hahahaha...yeah, right. I couldn't keep a straight face...

bfisk's crazy days said...

brando and bridget may do it this year. maybe the vatos too. i have a bike race or i would do it cause it goes right by my house. hope you find someone.

Katy said...

yeah, that's not me either. :) although, i'd be happy to cheer for you on the side!!