18 August 2007


Some time last night, I paused and felt the weight of our world. It's been tough. I've been stretched. I've been pushed, pressed, and in the depths of me - down deep beneath the surface - I feel tired.

It's not getting easier.

Right now, we are supposed to be camping. Needless to say, we're not. Holding. Waiting. More waiting. It was the right decision... again. Still, that doesn't make it any easier.

"Give us today our daily bread..." the simplest, yet most profound of requests. It has meant more to me lately than ever before. And You have. You have.

"There is a light... that shines in the darkness..." the words resounded in my ears as you met me before the sun.

Today, YOU were my bread. YOU were sufficient. You are.

Thank you for my run. Thank you for my oatmeal. Thank you for our morning. Thank you for our adventure. Thank you for my journey. Thank you for your mercies.

Thanks for today.

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Paula said...

you write so well, Abi. This is a beautiful post, if also kind-a sad. I'm on your side, you know.