04 February 2008

bucket list

Paul and I had a date on Saturday night. We had good (great) conversation and said many things that needed to be said (mmm...), we went to Boulder for sashimi (mmmm....) and we went to the movies for the first time in a year (?!?!).

"The Bucket List" (ahhhhh). It was such a sweet surprise - exactly the movie we needed to see. Even after sitting through the credits, we left the theater with hearts pounding and big tears still rolling. SO good. I think we may actually be good for another year.

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Jackie R. said...

Wow Abi! I just caught up on a bunch of blogs!!! I really enjoyed all that you have written this year. It has been really inspiring. Then comments left prompted me to reread your article on Crosswalk and it definitely made me cry. What a powerful story. On a different topic -- I think you would love anything by Irvin Yalom - especially The Gift Of Therapy - it was my favorite, inspiring, easy reading book from grad school.