12 March 2008

the highlight

was by far the highlight of my week last week.

Paul and I got to see Leah while she was in town with Alanis and Matchbox 20. The opening band was incredible and Alanis was amazing as always, but this was the best part of the concert for me. It warmed my heart to see my dear friend - even if just for a few minutes. Frankly, we didn't even need to stay for Matchbox 20.

This was more than enough.

1 comment:

Leah said...

Oh Abers!!! You are super super sweet with sweet sauce! I love you so much and am sorry we didn't get a chance to hang properly.
I have a feeling that I will be back in boulder before the year is up so keep your schedule wide open for another l.b. appearance.
It was great seeing you and your man that night. I was in great need of seeing friendly familiar faces.
Love ya!