17 March 2008


Henri Nowen is still sitting virtually unread on my nightstand (big surprise). Tonight, I've finally come to terms with the truth: I'm just not in the mood. I'm DESPERATELY in need of some light reading... any recommendations?


Roxanne said...

"Can You Keep A Secret" by Sophie Kinsella

Clever story, very light read and I promise you will laugh out loud!

It's my #1 favorite chick lit book.

Folayo said...

must I say this again?!?1

"Something Borrowed" (1st) and "Something Blue" (2nd) both by Emily Giffin.

Roxanne said...

I second Emily Giffin. I read both of her first two books and just finished her 3rd book Baby Proof (not a sequel to the others). She also has another book due out next month.

These are all great summer beach reads...that is if you're heading to the beach this summer!

Leah said...

I miss your blog.
How are you Ab?