25 March 2010


"To know that we know what we know and that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge." - Confucius.

To know and to be known. It has been my anthem, my cry.

And how will I know when I know? And what if I don't know? Or what if I used to know and now I'm not so sure?

Nine days ago, sitting criss-cross-applesauce on the floor with my kiddos, I identified 16 fruits and vegetables that 1.) I had never heard of prior to that day, 2.) I had never tried before that day, or 3.) I had heard of and/or tried before that day, but determined to try again.

Did you know bell peppers are actually considered fruits?!

What else I didn't know nine days ago...

1. Currant (fresh)
2. Endive
3. Gooseberry
4. Huckleberry

5. Indian Corn
6. Kumquat
7. Okra
8. Papaya Seeds
9. Parsnip

10. Radicchio
11. Rutabaga
12. Quince
13. Starfruit
14. Uglifruit
15. Vegetable Marrow
16. Watercress

What I've since learned...

9. PARSNIP (check).

I've learned that when you cut into a parsnip, it smells delicate and sweet. If a carrot were a flower, it would smell like a parsnip.

I've learned that parsnips taste great roasted with carrots, garlic, olive oil and thyme. I've learned that a great way to introduce something new (i.e. parsnips to two curly topped kiddos) is to ease in and pair the unknown with the known.

I've learned that roasted parsnips and carrots taste amazing, look pretty and smell heavenly in a salad -- even on the second day.

And over the weekend, I learned that I care for papaya seeds a little less than I care for papaya. I don't. Neither papayas nor their seeds appeal to me or to my senses. These little, woodsy, caviar-looking seeds don't photograph well, and although they are edible, I would rather leave them off my blog and in the produce section (or the delivery truck or the papaya tree... er, uh, plant...) with the papaya from which they originated... and by which they originate... and... And now I know.

And I still don't.


roxanne said...

I love this list!!
2. Endive oh I love endive, perfect for making lettuce wraps. Turkey, avocado, sundried tomato ones are my favorite.
7. Coming from the south Okra was big part of my childhood and I still always get it at BBQ restaurants...although I only like it fried otherwise it gets a little slimy.
9. Courtney’s girlfriend introduced us to parsnips at Thanksgiving this year. YUM they were so good in a big pan with other yummy roasted veggies.
13. When the kids were little they were fascinated by starfruit so one day I bought one...it is really beautiful when you slice it but not all that tasty.
16. Next time you make a stir fry (which I know you do) add some watercress, it gives it a nice crunch.
Now you've go me itching to go try all the others. Love ya!

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