05 May 2010

6,7,8,9, watercress and 10.

16. Watercress, check.

I didn't get a picture of my watercress before it wilted, but may I just tell you how much I enjoyed watching these Upland Cress greens stand at attention for days atop their roots each time I opened the fridge a few weeks back? Watercress, it is a lovely and light green -- like spinach, but sexier. Say it with me... Watercressssssss.

I primarily pampered wraps, salads and sandwiches with watercress in the stead of spinach, sprouts and green leaf, but also in their company. Sadly, since my fridge was simultaneously occupied by three of these four, my cress (grrrrrrrr) didn't make it into a Roxanne-style stir fry before it began to droop. Mmm, but it was good, and now I know. It will definitely assume pole position in my fridge once

And though I haven't posted for a couple of weeks, beloved breakfasts also continue...

#6 Banana Berry (4/18)

(rolled oats with bananas, blueberries, dates, roasted pepitas, cinnamon, sea salt and hemp milk)

It was silk. The bananas were over the top. Yum-meee!


#7 The Promised Land (4/20)

(eight grain cereal with milk and honey, cinnamon,
butter and a dash of sea salt)

Simple. Sweet. Two thumbs up from my kiddos.


#9 Blueberry Mango (4/27)

(eight grain w/ blueberries, sliced mango, cinnamon and sea salt, topped w/ flax oil and hemp milk)

"Exquisite," I actually observed three times aloud, before it was over.


#10 Olde WADS (5/2 and 5/5)

(Walnuts, Apples, Dates and Soy milk atop rolled oats, cinnamon, vanilla, sea salt and flax oil)

I dreamed it up on a run, rushed home to shower, to create it, and then I happily partook. I was halfway through before I remembered about the picture, so this morning I decided to recreate it. Once again, about halfway into construction, I remembered that I used the last of my dates on Sunday. I was forced to improvise: Olde WARS. Hmmm. 'Twas also good with raisins, but not quite the same. The dates afforded unmatched subtlety. I think I'll stick to the original.


Some time between 4/20 and 4/27, I think, came #8: Maple Barley (barley with butter, sea salt, cinnamon, hemp milk and a touch of maple). This was the bless-ed love child of #7 and leftover cooked barley from a soup I made the night before. I didn't get a photo of #8 either, but I know I liked it. A lot. I distinctly remember celebrating the potential of leftover barley and looking forward to the day when I have more.

There was also another we're-low-on-groceries dud in the mix somewhere. I guess I blocked it out. It was the first oatmeal I've made so far that was just blah. Good thing I don't remember.

Finally, after a brainstorming session with Cole, the buttery delight of #6 and my growing list of still-to-be-experienced veggies, I have visions of incorporating avocado and branching beyond sweet into savory breakfast porridges (somebody, stop me!!). I admit, this departure is radical -- uncharted territory -- so I promise to pace myself and to tread lightly. In the meantime, I plan to play with a few of Cole's ideas... apple blueberry (intriguing) and peanut butter surprise (ok, son. I'm listening. Dis moi).

More to come.

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