20 July 2011

haiku for lovey

To notice, to see
the fabric and threads that bind
Unexpected Gifts

Warmth and light and love
Boundless, endless, eternal
Time to love, to leave

Damp and bitter cold
Shaken, unraveled, undone
And yet, love endures

Missing my sisters
Recalling. Reminiscing.
A warm reminder

Smelly and adored
A filthy maturation 
Worn and never washed 

A rice-filled pillow
Sunshine amidst gravid gray
Waning at the seams

Open hands release
A new friend enters the scene
donning running shoes

She saw, she noticed
She picked up thread and fabric
Unexpected gifts

Gratitude abounds
Another rice-filled pillow
Lovely. Washable.


Leah said...

Sweet sweet gifts :)
What do you use your pillow for?
head? neck? eyes?

Abi T. said...