14 July 2011

music makes me happy

Tonight I found my summer show, and I'm glad about it. Singing, dancing, Ryan Murphy... it's my cup of intoxicating tea: the glee project. Mmmm.

And when I entered my kids' school earlier this week, I came face-to-face with a pillar from my past: the Grease soundtrack coming from an antiquated stereo. Fond memories of Sandy, Rizzo, Frenchie, Kenickie and Danny Zuko flooded my body and mind. I felt powerless over the overwhelming urge to doo-wop, dance and sing out loud to the horror of my children and their incredulous, prepubescent peers.

Man, I LOVED that movie!

Yesterday morning, Danny and Sandy were my cleaning day companions, and tonight I sampled my future cleaning day soundtrack. My throat is sore from aiming for (and completely missing) high C as I scrubbed toilets and soap scum. But my bathroom is clean, I've been humming all day and I'm heading to bed with a smile on my face.

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