10 July 2006

judi's house

DEATH. We rarely say it. We're all affected by it, yet we don't really talk about it. Why is it so difficult to talk about it? Why is it so hard to think about mortality? Grief, Mourning, Loss... what's the difference? Is there a difference? We're not sure how to do it? We're not sure how to help others through it.

This weekend, I spent nearly 20 hours asking these questions and talking through these issues. I'm training to be a volunteer at this amazing, AMAZING non-profit organization called Judi's House. It was built upon these questions. Judi's House provides support groups for grieving children -- primarily children who have lost a significant person - a parent, a sibling, a primary caregiver, a friend -- and their families.

There are countless bereavement support groups for grieving parents or spouses, but until recently, children were the forgotten mourners. Children are the focus at Judi's House. That is why it is unique. That is why it is so important.

The peer support program is structured with hope and healing in mind. Quite different from many other support groups, however, recovery is not a goal. Reconciliation is. Unbelievable resources (free resources) - art, music, community, play, and most importantly, peer support - are available to children, teens and their families at Judi's house. They are
supported and empowered as they learn to live with, rather than get over, their grief. The process is of the utmost importance. As a volunteer, I get to walk alongside in this process. I'm honored.

I have to share this. I haven't even been to a group, yet the importance of this work is already evident. This is relevant to all of us. If you would like to support or find out more about Judi's House and other organization of its kind, please visit their website www.judishouse.org.


Leah said...

wow! this is such a great service.
didn't you do something like peer support in high school and college?
i think so.
you are totally and utterly amazing!
i love you!

Paula said...

This sounds amazing.