14 July 2006

remembering paris

I never had the opportunity to meet her, yet she has melted my heart and left a monumental imprint on my life. I think about her often. I think about her family. I think about that day.

"I have some horrible news about Deanna..." Roxanne began. I will never forget the message on my voicemail that Sunday afternoon. The unthinkable followed.

One year ago, Paris Lavone White died. Less than two weeks after her second birthday, she drowned in the family pool.

My daughter is two.

I still don't know all the details. I'm not sure that they matter so much. What matters is that a princess was lost. A family has lost... yet, they endure.

A year and a lifetime later, the pink band around my wrist reminds me of them. It reminds me of her. Through it, she speaks to me.
"Life is a gift," she says.

"Tomorrow is never a guarantee.
Treasure each moment. Treasure your family. Treasure your children. Live significantly. Live abundantly. Love abundantly. Take precautions. Never presume. Always hope. Always endure. Remember that we are all vulnerable. Remember that we are in this together. Remember that we must never forget. Remember my family. Remember my life," she implores.

"Remember me."



Deanna said...

I know I'm the mom, but I couldn't leave without telling you THANKYOU!! As a mommy who has lost a child you always feel so alone. Most of the time it seems like no one else get's it. I am soo grateful for your unconditional love and support. Your service and love for others (Judy's house) is incredible.
Thankyou again for keeping my babygirl's memory alive!!!

Abi said...

I love you, Deanna. You are constantly in my thoughts and often in my prayers. You will never, NEVER be alone. ~at.