20 July 2006


I'm wearing shorts.

"OK. So what," you think to yourself.

Let me explain. You see, I haven't worn or even owned a pair of shorts in three years. I'm serious. Further, although I've lived in both Denver and the San Fernando Valley, notorious for hot, HOT summers, I can count the number of times I've worn shorts in the last five years on both hands.

This is a breakthrough for me. It began a week ago.


Leah said...

i have turned a corner on fashion too... i'm now officially wearing dresses!

u and me...we like to shock the world a little sometimes... throw em for a loop!

p.s. pls post pic of your shorts! hee hee

Folayo said...

Woohoo...I applaud you!!! What do the shorts look like? I definitely think a picture is in order.

Abi said...

i hate to disappoint, but they are just running shorts!! baby steps, right.

after nearly two weeks of 100 degree weather, it just seemed plain silly to continue running in my long black pants. i suppose i COULD still post a picture. in time.

baby steps...

Abi said...

p.s. leah... i'd LOVE to see pictures of you in dresses!!!

Niki said...

We'll have to talk about this shorts thing...;)

Abi, I have REALLY enjoyed catching up on my reading here. You are such an awesome woman and I can't believe how blessed I am to know you. You have such an incredible and inviting spirit. Your smile and your words of frienship have meant the world to me this week.

Leah said...

shorts this week? let us know! we are all on the edge of our office chairs!

Paula said...

I'm chuckling. You know, my elderly neighbor still hasn't forgiven a bunch of her old neighbors in TX for something they did 30 years ago or so.

The women all decided it was a sin to wear short and had a short's burning. My friend just shakes her head and says, "I wasn't burning my shorts! Do you know how HOT it is in Texas??"

I grew up in Oklahoma and live in shorts. I can't imagine wearing jeans or heavy pants in the summer. I can barely stand shoes.