31 August 2006

an abi train of thought

45 days until the Denver Marathon. I sent in my registration yesterday night. Today, there is no turning back. I had some funny thoughts while I was watering my dying flowers this morning. They went a little something like this:

"Wow, these flowers look horrible... Maybe I'll do a little weeding this weekend... This weekend... I have my 19-mile run this weekend... I'm so glad I got it together and registered for the race before the price went up... $85... wait, $85?!?!... I can't believe I PAID $85 to run 26 miles... "


Niki said...

Better you than me friend! ;)

Good luck with the flowers!

bfisk said...

get a lot of water at the water stations to get your money's worth!

Folayo said...

I can't believe you spent $85 to run 26 miles...and what is this no turning back? you could always oversleep :)

Leah said...

i guess what they say is true... "nothing in life is free"
even PAIN!!! no but seriously... have fun... heee heee