16 August 2006

His response

You are beautiful.

I formed you. Your very foundations were part of My plan. I breathed life into you. I created you. I delight in you. You are beautiful.

As a child – unsure and insecure, you were beautiful.

As you have grown and learned, as you change and transform, you are beautiful.

In your laughter and your tears, you are beautiful.

As you run and dance and write and sing – as you create, you are beautiful. As you nurture, care, listen and love, you are beautiful. As you use your gifts for My glory, you are beautiful.

You are a radiant bride – passionate, fragrant, lovely and free - simply adorned, extravagantly loved. Glowing… captivating. You are beautiful.

As you invited Me to walk with you through labor, you were beautiful. As I held your hand through every contraction, you were beautiful. As you rested on and trusted in Me through the pain and the unknown, you were stunningly beautiful. As you delivered My children and became a mother, you were absolutely beautiful.

Covered in spit-up surrounded by dishes and laundry, disheveled and smelling like cleaning products, you are beautiful. As you serve your husband and your children and Me, you are beautiful. Today, even though you don’t have it together and your house is a pit, you are beautiful.

As you strive and seek and search for more, you are beautiful. As you aspire for significance and for meaning, you are beautiful. As you dream and hope and persevere, you are beautiful. With that said, please understand that your beauty is nothing to be attained. It simply is. You are. From your foundations, you are beautiful. You are lovely. You are loved. You are Mine.

You are most beautiful in your humility and vulnerability. Your brokenness and willingness is alluring. I am captivated when you are naked, unveiled and unashamed.

You are beautiful. You are beautiful. You are beautiful.


Folayo said...

damn straight...is that blasphemy?

Niki said...

Awesome! Just awesome! You are beautiful Abi - inside and out! Thank you so much for sharing this!

Serena said...

Lord, thank you for showing us who we are in You. Thank you too, for showing us who we are without You. Oh, that we may always desire to be in Your Way, but never in your way. Please whisper or shout the truths that you want Abi to hear: that she is LOVED (1jn 4:9-10)BLESSED (ps 32) ADOPTED (jn 1:12-13). Show Abi her worth as a child of Yours, as the wife you've prepared for Paul, as the mother of Your children. We have nothing of our own that has not been given to us by you first. Bless Abi with an amazing 3-day weekend -- filled with laughter and insight tha comes from abiding in You. Amen