04 December 2006


Yesteday, I marveled at the beauty of birth.
I watched a child breathe her first breath.
Tonight, I have been leveled to my knees as I wonder at the brevity and uncertainty of life.
I feel sad and small and broken.

Today, an american soldier fell. The son of my sister in Christ died in Iraq. As he shed blood thousands of miles away, a mother down the street and near my heart lost her son. Two children lost their brother and a young bride lost her bridegroom.

Today, as one daughter's life began, a son's life ended.

Tonight my heart leaps for one family and bleeds for another. Each life so precious, so signficant, yet small. I feel happy and sad. So, so sad.


Paula said...

Yes. You captured it.

Anonymous said...

i am so sorry for his family :( i really can't imagine their pain.

i am sorry for all the families that have to be on edge everyday wondering if their loved ones in this lame war are safe.

i don't like war and i hope our children's generation will not have to negotiate this way.

we need to evolve

Folayo said...

It's so terrible how many lives have been lost in this war. Perhaps if the people in power took the time to look at the faces of the mothers losing their sons, they might think twice about staying in a war that has no end.