30 December 2006

freshman 15

Oh, and speaking of addictions...

(You'll have to forgive, but I'm on a roll. I can't stop now! Let's see how many more posts I can write between now and tomorrow night... Besides, no matter how great the show is, I just can't end the year on Grey's Anatomy... although I (unlike you, sorry) know where this is going, and I DEFINITELY can't end here either... how trite! I digress.)

So, what I was going to say is that I have another addiction: an addiction to food (especially sweet food) that has spiraled out of control.
It was easier to ignore when I was pudgy and pregnant and even while I was bountiful and breastfeeding. But now... it's just not becoming. For whatever reason (perhaps because it is the 30th of December) my mirrors have started working properly again. What a mess!

I can just hear some of you now, "NO, not YOU, Abi!!"

Rrrrrriiiiiiiggggghhhhtttttt... fibbers!

I don't have to be thunderous and thick just because I'm thirty. I can be thin... Oh who am I kidding, no I can't!!! Scratch that... I can be... I can be... (I'm trying to think of another "t-h" adjective, but the perfect one eludes me... ah well). You know what I mean.

Just because I'm a mom in my thirties doesn't mean I have to let myself go, hack off my hair, hike up my jeans over my paunch belly, trade in the keys of my truck for those of a minivan and throw a denim potato sack over my swollen self for those "special" occasions. I can still be cute. I can be toned. I can be chiseled.
Heck, I can be svelte.

(Oh dear, I feel a Bridget Jones style, early midlife, pathetically banal resolution coming on...)

Sadly, my reflection reveals that I found the freshman 15 I once lost (except that it's 20, not 15, and I'm 30, not 18). There is NO excuse. The simple law of gravity indicate that it is no longer appropriate to eat three bowls (troughs) of ice cream just because the carton says "cookies and cream" and "light." There are plenty of women with more kids, more responsibilities and far less time than me, who have it together and have found the balance.

I hesitate to continue writing, because the next time you see me with a triple cheeseburger in one hand and a double chocolate milkshake in the other (OK, I'm being dramatic), you'll have my number. But you know what, that's probably a good thing.

I'm unnecessarily chubby, and I'm tired of carrying around the weight of an extra toddler. I only signed up for two kids!
I need to grow a dose of will-power, and I need some accountability! Not sure what it is going to look like, but enough is enough. Suggestions? I'd love to hear them.

Alright. I'm going to find something to eat (kidding!).


Leah said...

i totally hear ya abster.

the things that works for me are:
exercise everyday...just 30 min or so.
i take the stairs instead of my elevator.
smaller portions (hard one).
eat in during the week.
try not to eat after 6:30pm. (this one totally helps!)

the best thing for me is to remember that tim loves me no matter what... he never seems to know when i have gained weight. i know it seems funny but the fact that he always is attracted to me means the world to me.
also... keeping a positive attitude is key.

im sure know all these things but these are my tips. hee hee... i love blogs and i love you!

also... next week i am going up to my parents house and we are having boot camp! i will blog more about it soon.

i love you abi.

Abi said...
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Abi said...

Oops. What I was going to say was that this is great feedback, Leah B.

6:30... really? seriously? wow.

Attitude is positive, points have been noted. Looking forward to reading about boot camp! XOXO

Folayo said...

I know what you mean, sister!!

I agree with Leah, but I work late and have no Tim, so I stop eating at 8pm (other than the occasional hot tamale binge at midnight)and I try to exercise monday thru saturday.

I also max out at one sweet a day, which I don't always use but I don't go over.

Have fun!!!