30 December 2006

a new addiction... great

Grey's Anatomy. Do you watch this show? I didn't. In fact, in spite of the hype, the reviews, the recommendations... the craze, I remember saying to a friend a while back, "Who has time to watch television for a whole hour - on a Sunday night,
no less - about a bunch of characters that aren't even real?"

"How good could it be, anyway?!?" I wondered.

through the genius of Netflix and TV on DVD, I sat for not one, but three uninterrupted hours last night (until 2 a.m.) glued to my television to find out how the first season ended. Yeah, it's that good.

I LOVE THIS SHOW. I'm totally, thoroughly, crazily and completely hooked! I love the characters, love the cast, love the story lines and the scrubs, love the medical jargon and the operating tables, love the guy top row, far right... LOVE IT.

When I went to bed last night, I was horrified. Not that it was after two and I was just getting in bed, but that Dr. McDreamy is married?!?!?!? And, it will be at least Tuesday before I get the next disc in the series (like I'm going to have time to sit and watch for another three hours on Tuesday!!!).

This is not good. I'm seriously considering sacrificing more sleep to forge through Season Two, so I can jump on the Thursday night bandwagon. Even worse, I've dedicated an entire post - potentially the last of the year - to a TV show.

Yeah, it's THAT good.


Leah said...

i wish you wouldn't have posted this...
i may now have to rent the series too.


Abi said...

you won't regret it, lab! once you start, you can't stop... well maybe you will regret it, actually.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I feel you. Something similar happened to me. It was after the Superbowl last year. The amazing episode with the guy who blew up! I had never watched the show before, but I was hooked. Strung out. I now own seasons one and two on DVD!

I was at a conference when the season premier came on. I left a great speech with the amazing Liz Curtis Higgs because I had to know what happened!

But wow! That show tells stories. Great, big, luscious human dramas that sing. And it has a multicultural cast, probably the best we've ever seen on television. Doesn't get much better than that.

Great blog. My friend Paula sent me a link to the article about you. Loved it. Love you!

Claudia Mair