11 January 2008

a revolution

I've also been thinking lately about lunch (can you tell I'm still on Christmas break?!?).

This past year, my world was literally rocked through the power of lunch. I can't pinpoint the day it began, but about a week ago I finally noticed.

Pots and pans. Revolutionary.

At some point over the last year, I finally realized that I am worthy of a lunch prepared
with pots and pans (yes, in the middle of the day, even though I've got two kids and ten thousand other things to do). I am worthy of the fifteen minutes (or more) it takes to prepare the perfect big salad with all all sorts of fresh veggies, fruits, a little crunch AND protein. I am worthy of actually using a fork and a knife to eat my lunch and damn it (please forgive, I'm making a point here), I am especially worthy of sitting down, chewing, swallowing and even breathing a little in the process.

It's revolutionary.

While I was talking to Leah on the phone this afternoon, I prepared a beautiful meal for my children - balanced, colorful and nutritious. Then, as I laughed and chatted and caught up with my friend, I prepared a healthy, creative and absolutely BEAUTIFUL lunch for me. It was gorgeous... dare I say, a masterpiece.
Can I say that? Well, it was.

I savored every delectable bite. I thoroughly enjoyed the twenty minutes I spent in preparation, the additional twenty minutes spent eating, and you know what, it was worth every second of the twenty minutes or more minutes it will take to clean up once I stop blogging. My lunch was so good and so beautiful, in fact, that I kid you not, halfway through my meal I started regretting that I didn't take a picture before I started eating.

As I delighted in every last morsel, I started to think about you. You know who you are. You are that woman who shovels garbage down your throat on your way somewhere... or that mom who nibbles off your kiddos' plates but never takes a moment to regroup and refuel yourself... or you are that guy who doesn't have the time to prepare or worse, clean up, so you just starve yourself all day and then regret it after you voraciously gorge later.

To you I would like to say that you too are worthy of a good lunch. God has gifted us with fuel that actually looks and tastes good. It's time to receive. Get out your cutting board or your pots and pans... or BOTH. Use your imagination. Get creative. SIT DOWN.

I know what you are thinking. I had that thought too: you don't have time. You have to work. OK then, pack yourself a good lunch. If not lunch, wake up 30 minutes early and treat yourself to a good breakfast. If you can't do it every day, fine. How about one day? Still feel too indulgent? OK... multi-task. Call a good friend and catch up while you cook. Sit down, spend twenty minutes on you, then call another good friend and catch up with her while you do your dishes. Four birds (time spent with two friends, a good lunch and a clean kitchen), one stone. How can you say no?

It's a lunch revolution. Jump on.

After today's creation, I think I really am going to start taking pictures. It will inspire me. Maybe you too. In fact, I think I may even make today's lunch again tomorrow just so you can see it.

Until then.

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Leah said...

When did it become more exciting to cook for ourselves than going out to eat?
Maybe we're growing up.