27 January 2008


In the crisp cool of this morning, to the rhythm of my steps, I witnessed the birth of a new day. For 49 minutes, I ran and listened and felt and watched as His masterpiece unfolded. Amber, then coral warmed the cobalt sky. He painted broad, brilliant stroke after stroke across a vast canvas.

Black silhouettes of leafless trees lined my path and stretched. Their thunderous trunks grounded, arms raised... reaching. An owl perched on a spindly finger broke the silence and cried out. Together we marveled. Praising.

"The heavens declare the glory of the God; and the firmament shows His handiwork. Day unto day utters speech, and night unto night reveals knowledge." ~Psalm 19:1,2

In the crisp cool of this morning, I was in glorious communion with my Creator and His creation. My cheeks, the tip of my nose and my fingertips are still numb, yet as another day begins, I feel warm.


Leah said...

I do love that time of the morning but rarely see it.
Your story is beautiful.

kingsdaughter said...

hi abi it is pleasure to meet u and the family ,may god countinued to bless and keep u all in his wonderful love as tell ur story many will come to realize that god is not in a box he is bigger then all our problem. ur sister in christ

Jen said...

I can see the beauty from your description! God is awesome! I'm glad to see you're taking some time for yourself, and seeing the glory of God in everyday life. I wish you lived close to me, because those lunches look soooo very good! Stay blessed.