07 January 2008

the list '07

Oh, and speaking of which, I have a little unfinished business to settle.

Now, I realize that we are already a week into the New Year (and I also realize that it is 4 in the morning), but frankly, I am not done with 2007 yet. I'm still processing... still reflecting. (And you thought the year would come and go without the one thing you waited for all year! Not so, not so, dear one.)

I hesitated (for a second) to skip it for 2007, since I only posted about 11 times on my blogs last year (I have resolved to write much more this year), but I can't disappoint... I can't break tradition... I can't... sleep.

So with that said and without further ado, I give you my top ten, favorite posts of 2007 (drum roll please...)

10. a.m. expedition. What started as a pretty depressing morning turned into one of my favorite days I spent with my kiddos all year. We got great pictures and had an amazing time.

9. after. In the end it was exhilarating to face, expose and acknowledge years of desperate denial; something finally had to be done... and it was! My blog (and those excruciating "before" pictures) inspired me to action. It was pure satisfaction to finally get to take and post the "after" pictures. Perhaps this will be the year that I get to the last six (eight) "to-be-filed" boxes that have been neatly stacked (out of eye-sight) since March. Baby steps...

8. a blip. Note to self: don't park a shiny black Town Car in front of your house.

7. freshman 15. OK, technically this post wasn't written in 2007, and thus, should not be considered for "the list." But, I have decided to include it anyway for three reasons: 1) it didn't make it in before the count in 2006. 2) I've got to reach here, people... I've got slim-pickins! 3) In all seriousness, this silly little post precipitated a life-changing journey for which I will be eternally grateful (a nice segway into...)

6. being transformed. I was. I continue to be. It's been a remarkable ride.

5. hard to say goodbye. You're not going to believe it when I tell you, but these pants have been put to rest. Truly. The transformation continues, indeed!

4. BIG, well little news. My son will probably need therapy after this post (sorry, Cole), but I just couldn't resist! It captured the most priceless, proud moment on film (... or digits... whatever, you know what I mean). This makes me giggle every time I see it, and frankly, holding onto the hope of it in my mind and in my heart has helped me persevere through every smelly diaper-change I've endured since that day. (Yeah, we only got one more, much larger poop after shameless bribery with a matchbox car a couple weeks ago. We've since decided to let the potty collect dust somewhere else until the summer... sigh)

3. isms. Classic Maya. She has so many of these "isms." It was fun and just-plain-funny to write this post. It still makes me laugh out loud, and it helps me to appreciate all of those little things that make Maya, Maya.

2. kandid perfection. It's almost a year to the day of that shining moment in my history of parenthood! It was a necessary reminder of that truth I need to hear daily: I'm not (and I'm never gonna be) perfect. Ah, it feels good to say it. We haven't been back to k.k. since that day, but we may try again in the near future (mercy, Lord). I'll keep you posted.

And last, but not least: my favorite post of 2007...

1. christmas letters and blogs. That pretty much sums it up for Abi T. It's what I do. It's what I'm about. It's how I make my mark in the world... so deal!

Thanks for indulging me. Whether or not the posts reflect it, 2007 was a good year... perhaps my best, actually. I blog because, I think it's invaluable to take time to reflect, record, ponder and pause on this road. One can't help but to have gratitude. I intend to take (make) that time much more often this year.

If you don't already, maybe you too should take the plunge. Stop reading and start typing!

Until December...

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