18 January 2008


Seemingly out of no where, she asked the question over breakfast this morning...

Maya: "Momma, what does waste mean"

Me: "Race?"

Maya: "No, waste."

Me: "Oh, Waste."

First I wondered why she asked the question, then I realized I had never answered that question before or even thought about a definition
. I pondered it for while, then finally responded...

Me: "Well, waste is when we don't use something that is useful or valuable," I explained with a satisfied smile; I was thoroughly please with my definition.

Maya: "Oh. So we waste things we don't like?"

Me: "Yes... well, I suppose... sometimes we waste things we do like, too."

I'm still unsure of the thoughts behind the question, but it definitely cut to my core, and it's left me thinking...


Tawanna said...

I just wanted to stop by and say I liked your article in the Crosswalk.com newsletter! May God continue to bless your marriage!

Anonymous said...

Re your blog here: Wasting time seems to be my weakness/joy. I am prone to procrastinate, even though it may well be a hinderance to greater things. [Think snooze alarm as an oxymoronic example.]

Re your Crosswalk.com message: I too am interested in a [particular]woman of color. Albeit, I find her skin-tone neither polarizing nor magnetic. To me her beauty is not merely skin-deep. Interestingly, were we to wed, I would probably have as many, if not more black friends in attendance. If there's one thing I've learned, [ala Romans 5:8, etal,]it is that God loves "black sheep". [Pun intended.] Amen. :D